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The work of Rik Lina is – as well as his life – a continuing search for boundary lines, to areas of a world that is in natural relationship with the contemporary world and with its modern human developments in which he creates a new reality. Consequently his work is adventurous and multi-interpretable. The complexity of his paintings is not necessarily easy to understand at first glance. But his work is non-static at all,  the more monumental paintings cover layers or elements that overlap each other. These changes in forms do open a new set of experiences and - wether you are familiar with his work or not - always triggers the imagination.


The LINA FOUNDATION (founded 2017 May 15) aims to conserve and promote Rik Lina’s work. For this purpose, your donation to support the LINA FOUNDATION is very welcome .

With your donation the LINA FOUNDATION will be able to bring the work of Rik Lina under the footlight of a broader audience, by among others organizing exhibitions and promoting the work.


Thank you very much in advance.

Gérienne Lammers  (Chairman of the Lina Foundation) 


Please send the next information in addition to your donation to the foundation preferably by e-mail:



Family Name------------------------------------

First Name--------------------------------------




ZIP Code-----------------------------------------

E-mail address----------------------------------

Phone number----------------------------------


I wish to make an annual donation to the LINA FOUNDATION with the corresponding amount of------------ euro's/dollars. This donation guarantees the benefits mentioned above.


Information of the ING bank:

Bank account: NL96 INGB0007674096

In the name of: J.W. Arends (treasurer LINA FOUNDATION, Amsterdam)

Specification: donation to the LINA FOUNDATION


For administrative reasons the LINA FOUNDATION would like your donations to be of at least € 15. 

For any donation between € 30 and € 75, you will receive a T-shirt with the Rik Lina logo, or another design (link naar photo van de T-shirts);

For any donation between € 76 and € 100, you will receive an original graphic artwork or drawing from Rik Lina;   

For any donation above € 101, you will receive an original painting from Rik Lina, depending on the amount donated. 


Contact adress LINA FOUNDATION:

Fenny Vlietstra, secretary,

John Blankensteinstraat 15-C, 1095 MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

e-mail address:

Visit Rik Lina’s website for information on Rik Lina's life and work: <>

e.mail address:







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