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The work of Rik Lina is – as well as his life – a continuing search for boundary lines, to areas of a world that is in natural relationship with the contemporary world and with its modern human developments in which he creates a new reality. Consequently his work is adventurous and multi-interpretable. The complexity of his paintings is not necessarily easy to understand at first glance. But his work is non-static at all,  the more monumental paintings cover layers or elements that overlap each other. These changes in forms do open a new set of experiences and - wether you are familiar with his work or not - always triggers the imagination.


The LINA FOUNDATION (founded 2017 May 15)

aims to conserve and promote the work of Rik Lina.

By making a donation you are becoming a member and the LINA FOUNDATION will be able to bring his work under the footlight of a broader audience, by organizing exhibitions, etcetera.

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Thank you very much in advance.

Gérienne Lammers, chairman



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Fenny Vlietstra, secretary

John Blankensteinstraat 15-C, 1095 MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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